Love Sentence

Writen by Lynne Tillman, Illustrated by Tami Demaree and designed by Emily CM Anderson

Available at Nothing Moments Publishing

Set of 18 Postcards from Noa Noa Yes Yes Exhibition

available at Las Cienegas Projects








Psychic Outlaws

Written by Annie Buckley for Luckman Gallery. Illustrated chapter “Jack and Emily”

Available at Luckman Gallery

Landscape Memories Revisited features Derek Boshier, Tami Demaree, Charles Gaines, Isabell Heimerdinger, Steven Hull, Jonathan Monk, Paul Noble, Stephan Pascher, Terri Phillips and Georgina Starr and two fictional texts by Tony White and Heidi-Annette Hall.

Available at Las Cienegas Projects

Luna Luna in the Sky, Will You Make Me Laugh or Cry?
Limited-edition volume accompanying a collaborative show
Designed by Jon Sueda click here to see inside the book

Artists include:
Derek Boshier, Steven Hull, Kaari Upson, Tami Demaree, Steven Bankhead, Colin Roberts, Stephan Pascher, Terri Phillips, Dani Tull, Isabell Hiemerdinger, Thaddeus Strode, Benjamin Weissman

Available at RAM Publications

A Little Something – Zine

Emerald Eyes – Zine


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